Frequently asked questions

Imas Duty Free

Frequently asked questions for passengers to make purchases at IMAS Duty Free Stores


Dear passenger:

Frequently asked questions are detailed that can guide you when making future purchases at the only duty-free stores in Costa Rica:


1-How can I buy in stores?

A / You must be a passenger in transit from Juan Santamaria Airport or Daniel Oduber, as an essential requirement you must present a passport and boarding pass to the seller in order to make the purchase.

2-Can I buy with an internal connection in the USA, Canada or Europe? *

A / If you can buy any product, if you have access to the checked baggage in the connection, you must keep the purchased items in the baggage, if you do not have access, you must inform the seller who will give you a special bag to store your products.

* This may vary based on TSA regulations.

3-Will you deliver the products purchased at the boarding gate?

A / No, it is delivered at the point of sale where you purchased the product.

4-Do I need a special bag?

A / Yes, if you have a connection, you will be placed in a special bag in case you do not have access to the checked luggage.

5-How many liters of liquor and cigarettes can I take to X destination?

 A / Each country has a different limit in terms of wines, spirits, tobacco. This information is provided by the customs of each country. Some are detailed:

Canada: One and a half liters of liquor, one carton of cigarettes.

United States: In most States it is 3 liters per person and two cartons of cigarettes.

Europe: 2 liters of liquor and two cartons of cigarettes

South America: Varies, depends on the country.

6-How many liters of liquor can I enter Costa Rica?

A / You can enter five liters and five cartons of cigarettes.

7-Can I pay with a card from a different person than the passport with which the invoice was made?

 R / It is not allowed.

8-In what currency can I pay?

A / It can be paid in dollars, colones and credit or debit card of any country.

9-If I pay in cash in American dollars (USD), will they return American dollars (USD) to me?

A / The change in the currency that I pay is either dollars or colones.

10-Can we divide an invoice and pay between two people?

A / It is not possible.

11-Does this product have an international guarantee?

 A / Most of the brands that are marketed have an international guarantee, however, you must corroborate it with the seller specifically with the product you have purchased.